The Mall Stage

[SA]    14.01   |  19.00
25 zł
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Bartłomiej Garus Digger

and: Bronisława Porembska, Jolanta Sodzawiczny, Magdalena Owczarek, Beata Kniejska, Stefan Owczarek, Józef Ignasiak, Joanna Sodzawiczny, Joanna Wiaterek, Sylwia Zajusz, Karolina Jaworska, Karolina Sosna, Patryk Skolik, Dominik Sodzawiczny, Łukasz Domin, Łukasz Gocal


Iwona Woźniak director

Teresa Machulik director’s assistant/prompter/language consultant

Joanna Sodzawiczny text

Sabina Baron stage design and costumes

Helena Chwałek make up

Nina Wolska, Paweł Łebek vocal coaches

Marcin Thomann lighting designer



Some Upper Silesia traditions slowly disappear still in "Digger" one can see rituals that not so long ago were cultivated in our voivodeship for many generations. Multigenerational family whose life is disturbed by death of line’s senior. The subject of the performance is rather solemn still as a whole it’s done in tragicomic convention. Family trials and tribulations performed in Silesian vernacular will make laugh, fascinates and impresses every spectator.

The show was presented in 2016 within a scope of a programme Theatre Poland produced by Theatre Institute in Warszawa. Reviewers appreciated it mainly due to:

"Digger" is exceptional because of some reasons. First because it so craftily combines in presentational and verbal level different emotional states. It’s funny and sad, merry and makes think. There’s no unnecessary pathos there neither staginess, even when these moods tend to appear when one talks about death. Second – this mood of simplicity is delivered by actors-amateurs who perform their parts with dedication, speaking beautiful, melodic Silesian vernacular. Third – script is very simple, but there appear some great scenes about regional customs. Four – with only some props artists created on stage some kind of magic, mystic theatricality. And last but not least great finale, making us to  examine our conscience. Heartily recommended.


The show presented as one of the six guest ones on Mall Stage during HERE AND NOW review produced by Teatr Śląski in January and February 2017. Tickets for 20 zł. We recommend to buy one for 45 zł allowing to see 3 chosen show (excluding Ensemble of Death and Dance).

The performance was produced due to the support of Silesian Voivodeship Marshal Office, Borough Ornontowice, ARTeria Centrum Kultury i Promocji in Ornontowice, Fundacja Szafa Gra.


Teatr Naumiony from Ornontowice

duration: 70 min.


Tematyka Śląska Wydarzenie Gościnne