Opening night

Poza siedzibą
2 h

Regular Tickets:
40 zł

Reduced FareTickets:
25 zł


Anna Kierejewska translation from German 

Robert Talarczyk re-creation of the trial

Agata Kurzak adaptation of the space

Ewa Kerger-Gardas copying of garments

Kamil Małecki, Mateusz Znaniecki film documentation

Przemysław Jendroska photo documentation

Mirosław Witek light and sound operator during the hearing

Marcin Müller projects technical supervision

Anna Kandziora coordination of trial action

Katarzyna Dudek probative records accuracy

Małgorzata Długowska-Błach re-creation producer

Maciej Rokita chief engineer of re-construction actions

barr Marcin Prasałek juridical consultant




Marcin Szaforz as accused major Lars Koch

Alina Chechelska as President of Grosse Strafkammer

Katarzyna Brzoska as Stefanie Nelson, the prosecutor

Bartłomiej Błaszczyński as Hans Biegler, the defence attorney

Marek Rachoń as Christian Lauterbach, the witness

Agnieszka Radzikowska as Franziska Meiser, the auxiliary prosecutor

Oliwia Spisak as clerk of court

Mikołaj Hajduk as court officer



It’s Your decision, will Lars Koch be treated as a hero or a murderer. Forget everything, You heard or read on the cause. Absolutely everything. You’ll give judgement today, based only on that you hear during the trial. Remember, penal law concerns culpability only, so the accused is penalised only because of that, he himself did. 

We invite for re-creation of famous trial concerning Lars Koch after German playwright Ferdinand von Schirach, "Terror" (Polish first opening).

Re-creation by Robert Talarczyk takes place in old Silesian Parliament Hall, and the audience perform as judges each times condemning or absolving the accused. Voting is done with a system used by parliament members.

In May 2013 in Germany an unprecedented incident took place. Lars Koch, 31 year-old German Luftwaffe mayor killed 164 people. With air-to-air missile he shoot down above Oberappersdorf passenger airplane Airbus 320, flying from Berlin to München. All passengers were killed. Lars Koch pleaded guilty. The plane was kidnapped by a terrorist, suicide-bomber of Al-Kaida. He planned to crash it on Allianz Arena in München where more then 70 000 people were watching soccer match Germany-England.

Additional informations:

Tickets are available for two zones:

  • one where You can give judgement (84 seats)
  • one You can’t (110, balcony)

Tickets are sold at the Theatre and at Silesian Parliament, one hour before performance.

Entry from Lompe ulica (street), through staircase leading to a lobby and body of the hall at 1st floor.

Sztuka Współczesna Dramat Prapremiera


An excitement knows no bounds during a play. Due to perfect actors’ performance the spectators are real judges, who decide defendant’s fate. Robert Talarczyk, the director, it was a brilliant idea to use for the performance a hall of Silesian Parliament! To make the audience judges who vote using buttons the town councillors use usually or with red or green cards (spectators at a balcony). The trial outcome is different every time, because the audience is different as well.

blog of Marta Fox


Robert Talarczyk, Teatr Śląski general manager gave us an extraordinary performance before summer vacations. In Terror every spectator is a judge forced to take up extremely hard decision. None could be right but everyone must decide. That’s why this experience is so harrowing.

"Gazeta Wyborcza" Katowice




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