Partners in Crime

Opening night

The Chamber Stage
1 h 15 min.

Regular Tickets:
35 zł

Reduced FareTickets:
30 zł


Grzegorz Kempinsky director
Barbara Grzegorzewska translator
Barbara Wołosiuk stage designer 
Maria Machowska lightning director
Barbara Dudek stage manager
Marek Skutnik sound operator 
Waldemar Janiszek, Piotr Łobacz lightning operators
Krzysztof Lisiak photo shoot 


Ewa Kutynia Lisa 
Marcin Szaforz Gilles



Caring and tender wife tries to restore memory to her husband, who after a fall from stairs suffers from amnesia. Istn’t it a perfect moment to tell anew history of a relationship and maybe colour it a little, and leave unsaid some awkward problems? Who and why departs there from the true and do piling up lies have as its goal save or worsen the situation of a certain couple?

"Here what  a marriage is: group of bandits who attack others befor they assail one another, long journey to death, where on the way dead bodies are piling up (…) When you see man and woman in registry office think who of them will be a murderer" – this is one of famous French wirter and playwright’s sentences, whose texts are so very often employed by Polish stage directors. "Partners in Crime" it’s implicitly intriguing story with criminal implied meaning, full of funny dialogues and unexpected twists in the plot, that can’t work without excellent actors. In Poland as spouses performed also R. Klijnstra and K. Herman or G. Krukówna and J. Schejbal. Play was also presenten on the small screen – tv theatre performance was directed by K. Janda, accompanied in marital story by J. Frycz.

Sztuka Współczesna


Kempinsky’s presentation it’s a variation apropos marriage. Polyphony about love, where warm and clear sounds harmonise with discords. Obvious are associations with everyday fight, one’s life with another human being. This is suggested by a start of the performance (or maybe break of action?). Actors go down from a ring, get stronger, every one in its own corner to get back to fight – war of words of reciprocal accusation. Protagonists’ frustration is recast into helpless agression. 

"Nowa Siła Krytyczna"


Ewa Kutynia and Marcin Szaforz on Chamber Stage of Teatr Śląski masterly played heroes busted up with love and hatred. Performance directed by G. Kempinsky yanks audience’s emotions with extreme precision. And our sympathy jumps as table-tennis ball – one moment he seems to be right, next – she. […] It’s a good psychological theatre and for some informative as well. 

"Dziennik Zachodni"