Growing number of artistic schools and academies makes more and more difficult to get a joba as a musician, painter or stage director. Data of Central Office of Statistics aren’t promising; almost one fourth of the graduates can’t find an employmet in his/her chosen profession. In defiance of statistics and labour market difficulties we decided to turn over Malarnia Stage to debutants – after all one who doesn’t risk doesn’t have a chance to discover new artistic talents. We have a hunch that all their names will be the household ones…

Every season we want to give young creators a chance for a premiere, let they begin their professional itinerary at us, let they begin in Katowice. The project appointed by R. Talarczyk as its goal has to spot theatre talents and enable students and graduates from Silesia region to produce their first artistic vision. It is worth to add on that Mr Talarczyk earlier as the theatre general manager first gave a chance to Artur Pałyga or director Ewelina Marciniak, today recognized personalities in theatre milieu. 

KATODEBUT no 1 - season 2013/2014

„Elling” Ingvar Ambjørsen

KatoDebut in Teatr Śląski is under artistic care of director Grzegorz Kempinsky and stage designer and director Beata Dzianowicz. During auditions and theatre workshops were watched: Olga Kałagate who with Darek Chojnacki and Kasia Kowalczyk produced scenes from "Polowanie na karaluchy" (Hunting Cockroaches) by J. Głowacki, Tomasz Jurkiewicz, who with Alina Chachelska and Mateusz Znaniecki worked on "Martwa królewna" (Dead Princess) by N.V. Kolada, and Michał Wawrzecki prepared with Bartek Błaszczyński and Karina Grabowska parts of the play "Totalnie szczęśliwi" (Totally Happy) by Silke Hassler. 

One decided that a chance in KatoDebut project will have M. Wawrzecki. During rehearsals company joined Katowice Art Academy female students, teenagers from Zabrze (popular duo The Dumplings) took up a gauntlet to write music for the performance, company joined also young cameraman and photographer who had decided to make stage photography his profession. 

Getin Bank is a patron of KatoDebut Project. Its goal is to support projects produced by young, able representatives of culture and science world.

KATODEBUT no 2 – season 2014/2015

"Western" by A. Pałyga

To take part in 2nd edition of KatoDebut Project was invited Adrianna Gołębiewska, a laureate of Teatr Śląski General Manager Special Award at 2nd Festival of New Scenography in 2013. Adrianna Gołębiowska is responsible for "Western" by A. Pałyga, dir. by Robert Talarczyk and Rafał Urbacki stage design and costumes. It will be her stage professional debut and at the same time master diploma.

Adrianna Gołębiewska (born  1991) is a coming from Gdańska scenographer, sculptor and photographer. She finished General School of Fine Arts in Gdynia Orłowo, Ceramics Workshop. Her diploma was an interpretation of M. Białoszewski poem "Felt Self-portrait". She studies at Art Academy in  Warszawa, where in in 2013 she made bachelor’s degree diploma in Worshop of Stage Design lead by prof. P. Dobrzycki. She did a stage design for auteur staging of "The Tin Drum" by Günter Grass. For that she was awarded with The Jerzy Moskal Prize at Festival of New Scenography in Katowice and Teatr Śląski General Manager Special Award. She’s a laureate of Minister of Culture and National Heritage Award for outstanding achievement in academic year 2013/2014 and award at Beijing International Biennial w 2014.

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